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Motorcycle Cover Adventure Box

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Discover our Adventure Box motorcycle cover with case, which offers comprehensive protection against rain, snow and frost. It protects your motorcycle from paint fading thanks to its UV resistance. Choose reassurance and long-lasting protection.

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Looking for a motorcycle cover that provides year-round protection? Our waterproof cover, designed specifically for motorcycles with top boxes, is the solution you need.

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Our motorcycle cover offers much more than ordinary protection – it's a comprehensive solution that combines reliability and convenience. Here's why our product stands out from the competition:

Our Adventure Box motorcycle cover with case is synonymous with excellent protection and comfort. Here's why you should choose it:

  • Waterproof and vapour-permeable: our material is not only waterproof, but also vapour-permeable from underneath the cover, ensuring perfect conditions for your motorcycle.

  • UV resistance: Thanks to a special material, our motorcycle cover protects your vehicle from the sun's harmful UV rays.

  • Year-round protection: Regardless of the season, our cover offers comprehensive protection against snow, rain, UV rays, leaves, dust, bird droppings and other environmental factors.

  • Protection of paint and chrome components: Our product minimises the risk of pitting, fading and tarnishing of paint and chrome parts.

  • Multi-season: Our cover is perfect for both short-term use and long-term use, providing reliable protection for many seasons.

  • Strong attachment: Thanks to the drawstring with rope, our cover holds onto the vehicle firmly and securely, even in stronger winds.

  • Fit for different motors: A wide range of cover shapes and sizes are available, ensuring a perfect fit for different motorcycles, including models with Top Box.

  • Long warranty: Our product comes with a new extended warranty period of up to 25 months.

  • Easy to fit and store: Fitting is simple - just pull the drawstring properly and our motorbike cover is ready to go. After use, it is easy to store away as it does not take up much space.


Three-Layer Material:
— UV-resistant polyethylene on the outside
— Double-layered spunbond

The material provides reliable protection against all weather conditions.  Thanks to its intelligent construction, water vapour is constantly channelled to the outside and rain runs down the sides of the motorbike cover without penetrating underneath.


To install our motorcycle cover place it on a relatively clean motorcycle with the white side of the central belt facing inward, and then tightly pull the drawstring and tie it correctly. This ensures the durability of the tie and the safety of your vehicle. We recommend proper lacing, which guarantees the durability of the tie and the ability to untie it quickly.

Please Note: The motorcycle cover is intended for use only on a parked vehicle and should not be used during vehicle transportation, such as on a trailer.


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