Stylish Electric Scooter Cover I Reliable all-round protection

E-scooter Cover

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Our waterproof electric scooter cover is all-round protection from rain, wind, and UV rays. Ideal for storage on the balcony. Stylish and durable cover

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Electric Scooter Cover | Ultimate Protection for Your Vehicle

Our electric scooter cover is the perfect shield for your scooter, providing essential protection for your electric two-wheeler, regardless of weather conditions.

Product Advantages:

  • Waterproof and Breathable Material: Effectively protects against rain while allowing the escape of water vapour from underneath the cover.

  • UV Radiation Resistance: Protects against harmful UV radiation, preserving the vehicle's paint.

  • Comprehensive Weather Protection: Guards the vehicle against rain, wind, leaves, tree sap (fall); UV rays, bird droppings (summer); flower pollen, and tree sap (spring).

  • Protection Against Damage and Ageing: Minimizes the risk of scratches, fading, and dulling of the paint and chrome elements.

  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for both short-term and long-term use.

  • Full Vehicle Coverage: The cover extends slightly underneath, ensuring complete coverage of the vehicle.

  • Extended Warranty: The product comes with a new extended warranty lasting up to 25 months.

  • Easy Installation: Simple and convenient to install.

  • Practical Storage: When folded, it doesn't take up much space, making it easy to store.


The cover is made of a three-layer material consisting of a double-layered SPUNBOND internally coated with POLYETHYLENE on the outside. The POLYETHYLENE layer boasts high resistance to UV radiation and atmospheric precipitation.

Thanks to its special construction, water vapour and moisture are constantly expelled to the outside, and during rain, water runs down the sides of the cover without penetrating underneath.


  1. Putting on the Cover:

    • Place the cover with the print on the outside onto a clean and dry electric scooter, and make sure to turn off the power.
    • Then fasten the cover under the scooter using the hook-and-loop straps sewn into the lower inner part of the cover.
    • Ensure that both pairs of hook-and-loop straps under the scooter are securely fastened.
  2. Important Guidelines:

    • Do not use the cover while charging the electric scooter's battery or during transportation on external vehicle racks.
    • Avoid using a damaged or leaking cover.
    • The cover is intended solely for occasional storage of the electric scooter on covered balconies or under shelters.
  3. Warning:

    • The cover is designed for use only on a parked vehicle and should not be used during vehicle transport, such as on a trailer.

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