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ATV Cover Top Box

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Your quad Top Box deserves the best protection, no matter the weather conditions. Our ATV cover with case is the perfect solution, combining waterproofing with user convenience. It shields your quad from rain and snow while allowing breathability, eliminating condensation and moisture risks underneath. Additionally, the cover is UV-resistant, safeguarding the paint from fading. Installation is easy with the flexible drawstring. Invest in excellent protection for your quad - choose our protective cover.

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Protect your quad with Box in the best possible way with our BASIC GARAGE cover! You no longer need to worry about the harmful effects of the environment on your favourite vehicle. Our ATV covers are designed with ATV enthusiasts in mind, providing high quality at a low price!

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Our all-season, waterproof cover is specially designed to protect your quad from adverse environmental effects, both when stored outdoors and indoors. Made of three-layer, waterproof breathable membrane, it ensures proper air circulation. This means that moisture does not accumulate under the cover, protecting your quad from corrosion. Thanks to the innovative design, water flows over the surface of the cover, preventing it from getting under the cover, and water vapour is effectively removed outside.

Our quad cover provides comprehensive protection against rain, snow, frost, and harmful UV radiation. It also protects your quad from contaminants such as dust, bird droppings, or tree sap. This helps reduce corrosion and ageing of plastic parts, and takes care of the durability of the paint and chrome elements.

Fastening with an elastic drawstring makes our cover not only easy to put on and take off, but also fits perfectly to the size of your quad. You no longer have to worry about the wind tearing the cover or it being displaced during heavy rain.

Our products are entirely of Polish production, which guarantees the highest quality. That's why we offer an extended 25-month manufacturer's warranty. By choosing our ATV quad cover, you are not only getting top-level protection, but also supporting the local industry.


Three-layer Material:
— outer layer made of UV-resistant polyethylene
— double-layer spunbond


To properly install the quad cover, place it on a clean four-wheeler with the white side of the centre strap facing inwards. Then, pull the cord tightly and tie it properly, ensuring the cover's durability and the safety of your vehicle. We recommend proper cord binding, which will make it easier to undo and extend the cover's lifespan.

Please note that our quad cover is intended for use only on parked vehicles and should not be used during vehicle transport, such as on a trailer.


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